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       The debut concert of EUPHONIA was in May 2007 in “Bulgaria” chamber hall. Since then the group had numerous concerts and participations in various musical events. On May 25th, 2008 EUPHONIA won the first prize of the competition for vocal groups “Trofei di cita di Vittorio Veneto”, Italy. The group  also took part in synthetic art projects. Such was “Mrs. Fire, Mr. Water” with one of the leading contemporary Bulgarian poets – Boiko Lambovski, as part of the cycle “Notes and metaphors” of the National Musical Agency. EUPHONIA also took part in the project “Alter music” – a mixture of performance, lecture and discourse aimed in diminishing the distance between the audience and the artists. The Euphonic voices could be heard in two theater projects in Sofia and Plovdiv. The group has had live performances, broadcasted by the satellite TV channel “Bulgaria” and the station “Hristo Botev” of the Bulgarian National Radio.

         Over the years "euphonists" were: Olga Alexopulu (2007-2008), Jordan Ribarov (2007-2010), Elitsa Hristova (2008-2010), Konstrantin Beikov (2008-2011), Nikola Rupev (2011) and Lina Mincheva (2011).

PHOTOS (The Quartet) 

PHOTOS (the Quintet)